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LEGACY, ACCUMULATIVE. An accumulative legacy is a second bequest given by the same testator to the same legatee, whether it be of the same kind of thing, as money, or whether it be of different things, as, one hundred dollars, in one legacy, and a thousand dollars in another, or whether the sums are equal or whether the legacies are of a different nature. 2 Rop. Leg. 19.

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In January-May 2011, the accumulative sales volume of excavators in China grew by 36% YOY; that of bulldozers grew by 21% YOY; that of loaders grew by 21% YOY.
The Derelicts team took second place in the competition with an accumulative score of 427 points, while the Bahrain Team came third with a total of 408 points.
1 billion in accumulative revenue for the first eight months, 15.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- Motorists who broke the black point penalty scheme thrice and went beyond the accumulative limit of 72 black points, can join a rehabilitation programme carried out by the Abu Dhabi Police starting this April.
SOFEX, the premier said, was a platform to look into other countries' military expertise and industries, calling on participants to benefit from the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau's (KADDB) accumulative expertise.
DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Gulfsands Petroleum company announced Thursday that the accumulative crude oil total production of Sharq Kharbat well in sector /26/ to the northeast of Syria exceeded 4 million barrels a year.
The "longest accumulative distance powerfan jump" took place at Ariel Extreme, Knowsley.
And - provided there's no accumulative jet-lag - the word is that Paul will be popping into the ECHO Arena later tomorrow to catch the Summer Pops gig by hismate Jools Holland.
Pricewise followers were in clover again yesterday with yet another big-priced winner while Spotlight came within an ace of going through the card at Beverley, tipping the first six winners at accumulative odds of nearly 1,500-1
Consultant neuro-pathologist Dr Mustansir Nurbhai said the cause of death was accumulative poisoning due to the drugs and carbon monoxide, but added that neither on its own would have necessarily caused death.
It could have been gold if the organisers had not used accumulative time rather than the normal procedure of finishing positions.
John Sams has been looking to buy a property for the past year but has been frustrated by the accumulative cost of rising house prices and stamp duty.