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LEGACY, ACCUMULATIVE. An accumulative legacy is a second bequest given by the same testator to the same legatee, whether it be of the same kind of thing, as money, or whether it be of different things, as, one hundred dollars, in one legacy, and a thousand dollars in another, or whether the sums are equal or whether the legacies are of a different nature. 2 Rop. Leg. 19.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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What an astonishing when people examine that scuffle of deceased person is not only enduring but also increasing accumulatively. Yes, it's happening likewise after the martyrdom of iconic, dashing, dazzling and dynamic Burhan Wani.
Through rituals and worship, people have accumulatively projected their emotions and attitudes onto him.
Given the accumulatively ascending incidence of IBD in newly industrialized countries and the maintenance of high incidence in developed countries [1], it is essential to prevent tumorigenesis among IBD patients.
Then, the next value of [[alpha].sub.i] for i = 1, ..., N - 1 is accumulatively added to the next input angle until the last value is obtained as [[theta].sup.N.sub.2] = [[theta].sup.1.sub.2] + [[alpha].sub.1] + ...
Contrary to the accumulatively conceived notion of CPEC as a solely buildings erecting agenda; its concentration is on agricultural headway also and its main aim is to connect South Xinjiang with Pakistan.
In the subsequent decade, the two trends--no relative wage growth coupled with steady relative productivity growth--have persisted in the manufacturing sector, accumulatively reducing relative unit labour costs close to 15% below the level in the old states (Wolf, 2011).
Accumulatively adding that up to the root is called global distance.
CMT-OUT accumulatively outperforms CMT-SCTP because with small buffer space the destinations in CMT-OUT along shorter delay fill up their respective RBUF by availing the opportunity frequently.
Accumulatively, all these factors have precipitated a situation where Sri Lanka's foreign currency earnings and reserves are presently insufficient to meet its debt servicing obligations.
By 2014 Chinese companies in telecommunications accumulatively had made $14.8 billion worth of foreign direct investment, and in 2014 alone China's outward investment in information transmission, software, and IT service amounted to $3.2 billion (Ministry of Commerce, 2015).
Accumulatively, financial performance in terms of ROA and ROE indicates a solid financial and operational performance to the stakeholders.