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COLLECTOR, officer. One appointed to receive taxes or other impositions; as collector of taxes; collector of militia fines, &c. A collector is also a person appointed by a private person to collect the credits due him. Metc. & Perk. Dig. h.t.

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Since the accumulator water injected into the cold leg causes an increase in the core inlet flowrate, the boiling front in the core will rise and quench the uncovered core, increasing the steaming rate and supporting the primary pressure from falling.
The low weight of the new steel high-pressure accumulator was achieved with a variety of measures: a housing made of high-strength steel, dome-shaped end caps, an aluminum piston as media separator, and a reduction in the thickness of the pressure vessel's material.
The incentives a bookmaker offers you to bet in accumulators will cost them a tiny fraction of the extra profits they expect to make if you bet in accumulators.
Bladder accumulators offer quick response times, hysteresis-free operation and good tolerance against contamination from the system fluid; however, they only offer a limited compression ratio (up to 4:1) and limited flow rates when compared with piston accumulators.
NAC ISTA has a strong presence in the market with 40% of vehicles exported from here equipped with our accumulators.
High-pressure fluid is stored at 5000 psi in the 10.5 L accumulator, which is part of the "filled for life" closed-loop system.
Accumulator Ac works between pressures [p.sub.min] and [p.sub.max].
Expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling will lower the gas pressure in the breaker's piston accumulator, much like the way that car tires will gradually lose air.
While welcoming the vote on 4 July and the fact that heed had finally been paid to the cadmium question, Green MEPs regret the inclusion of derogations for phasing out cadmium contained in batteries for cordless appliances which account for no less than two-thirds of the battery and accumulator market.
of Energy (DOE) officials recently marked the latest addition to the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) with the commissioning of a new proton accumulator ring.