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If the operator has little or no confidence in the sizing accuracy of the ILI tool, as may have been the case with older technology, then the operator might want to systematically excavate all indications after every ILI run.
Cerno Bioscience introduced its MassWorksTM software at Pittcon 2006 for improving the mass accuracy of unit resolution mass spectrometers, such as single and triple quadrupole instruments.
Differential-pressure control is useful with melt pumps to increase metering accuracy and control continuous screen changers.
The issue of the accuracy of learners' self-assessment of capabilities in relation to actual academic performance, or calibration, has only recently been examined.
The analysis of unitarity of CKM from the work [1] and a new result for the neutron lifetime [2] require improved accuracy for the A-asymmetry measurement.
The greatest beneficiaries of reshaping will be the poor-shooting or rogue tanks that have accuracy problems.
This paper focuses on how PI can help with one specific practical concern for LIS, namely, how one can verify the accuracy of recorded information.
From fiscal years 2001 to 2002, VBA's accuracy of decision-making in the disability compensation and pension benefit programs declined from 89 percent to 81 percent.
KDDI, of course, uses Qualcomm's GPS chip ha their navi service, so accuracy is not an issue (although coverage inside buildings and time to connect to the satellites can cause frustration).
Eliminating ground differences improves regulation and protection accuracy.
Peck: At a recent AANAC meeting you reported that some MDS accuracy improvement initiatives CMS undertook in May 2000 achieved a 70% reduction in MDS errors.

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