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The wheels allow the end user to move the AccuStrip stacker to a variety of different machines for accurate stacking of strips.
15) An appeal to authority is legitimate whenever our source is likely to be providing us with accurate information (i.
An accurate statement does not necessarily mean that it is a complete statement.
Process Control CEO Joe Robertson says his batch weigh blender doesn't need averaging to make it look good because it is accurate within one batch.
Although unapproved tests might be promoted as sensitive and reliable, the consumer has no guarantee that the results produced by the test are, in fact, accurate.
Once a sound costing system is installed, however, management also must assure that accurate data is provided to the system.
suggests that one's accurate self-perceptions take precedence over attempts to put only a positive light on evaluations offered by others.
At the core of Aprio's offerings is its unique capability to provide correct and accurate manufacturing information to designers, and design intent to manufacturing engineers.
If you are running at a heart rate that is higher than your "predicted" target zone without feeling out of breath then the number you are using to estimate MHR is probably not accurate.
Images are draped over Intermap's three-dimensional foundation to create a unique and accurate user viewing experience.
New Prostate Cancer Biomarker Expression Signature is Highly Accurate in Identifying Prostate Cancer
No Other Forecasting Model in the Industry Has Proven as Accurate as the Veros Solution--

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