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Accurate Legal Billing: Accurate Legal Billing is the world's first billing platform that automates the process of validating billed services allowing law firms to prepare and submit invoices that are 100% compliant with client SLAs.
Perfectly-timed tackle on Modric Accurate passes: 35 Total passes: 48 Pass accuracy: 72.9%
Teachers made more accurate predictions about students who were the same race or the same gender as the teacher.
For more information about Multico's Guaranteed Accurate Rates program, including a list of certified accurate carriers, visit Multico's website at
When Yale, one of the largest employers in Stamford for more than 90 years and the inspiration for Stamford's moniker "The Lock City," left Stamford in 1960, Carmine started Accurate Tool & Die.
Most accurate are bolt actions such as the Browning A-Bolt Mossberg 695, the Marlin 512 and the Savage 210/220.
Toyo required a system that was fast and accurate with the flexibility to handle products of different shapes, sizes and viscosities.
CheckFree has announced that Banco Sabadell, Spain's fourth largest banking group, has selected CheckFree's Accurate NXG reconciliation and exception management solution.
To respond to emerging national security threats, senior management officials need reliable, accurate data about military equipment--across programs, over time.
Atomic clocks based in Teddington, south-west London are used to keep the time accurate to within one millisecond, which is 1,000th of a second.
Problem: Faced with a federal lawsuit filed by hourly employees for failure to pay accurate overtime, the Grenada School District, located in north central Mississippi, had to find a better way to keep track of employee hours.

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