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Educators say determining an accurate dropout rate is traditionally difficult due to problems in tracking students after they leave a particular school or district.
These state-of-the-art accurate strip stackers have been successfully installed in tire plants, automotive parts suppliers and custom compounders.
15) An appeal to authority is legitimate whenever our source is likely to be providing us with accurate information (i.
The more incidents of lack of conviction used in a statement, the greater the writer's efforts to limit the accuracy of the story and, thereby, avoid providing accurate details of the event being investigated.
Xoomsys is developing a distributed processing solution that offers scalable performance for accurate circuit simulation using industry-standard simulators and inexpensive Linux computing clusters.
The Tachyon platform delivers extremely accurate OPC and OPC verification results without compromising cycle time, accelerating time-to-market for chip manufacturers by enabling full-chip OPC and OPC verification in a matter of hours (compared to days for traditional methods) based on its hardware-accelerated co-processing system.
Initiate Identity Hub(TM) software is the most accurate, scalable, rapidly implemented and widely deployed customer data integration solution for organizations that want to create complete, real-time views of data from all applications and data sources.
HMS ProviderOnline(TM) is a powerful product that enables healthcare companies of any kind to quickly track down accurate healthcare provider information.
Guardian's homeland defense security technologies provide highly accurate threat-item detection at the image-scanning level, and the company's Healthcare Solutions for radiology improve information and process flow with state-of-the-art RIS/PACS technology.
Chairman & CEO of HDC, said, "I firmly believe that this new Prostate Cancer Biomarker Discovery provides a significant opportunity towards providing a more accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer and important new information for identifying new therapeutic targets in treating this potentially devastating type of cancer.
Today, Veros announced that VeroFORECAST has been enhanced to deliver accurate predictions of future value according to property type, single-family or condominium properties, at the CBSA, county and ZIP code levels.
Our latest PSoC[R] designs are targeted at nanometer process nodes requiring very accurate parasitic extraction to feed into our downstream simulation," said Andy Hawkins, vice president of Design Technology at Cypress.

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