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To make sure he represented Bannister's struggles as accurately as possible, he made many suggestions during the track training sessions.
Motorola is a leading provider of Mission Critical communication solutions, including criminal biometric solutions and Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) to help public safety agencies track and accurately identify individuals.
The company's tire uniformity machine, with a top speed of 120 km per hour, does not accurately measure data at high speeds due to vibrations in both the test equipment and tire.
In contrast, blind individuals perceived sounds from the right or left and behind their bodies more accurately than sighted volunteers did.
Being able to find and review documents that are conceptually related to initial search queries allows legal teams to identify and review relevant documents more quickly and more accurately than traditional search tools.
If done accurately, this information is also helpful in establishing a case for outsourcing or not.
But even an experienced foundryman will find it difficult to accurately determine how a new charge material will perform.
By making it easier, we would maximize the chance that the stories would be written comprehensively, accurately, with our viewpoint expressed.
Completing MDSs accurately is an important step in guarding against a criminal False Claims prosecution.
The company's stated policy is to report fully and accurately all tips received and the company stresses this policy to employees when they are hired.
Friends basically offered to settle this suit two years ago if CLWA would agree to fix its EIR and send letters to water purveyors it serves, accurately stating the reliability of future state water supplies, which for planning purposes are 50 percent of entitlement.
The Enterprise edition can accurately forecast an unlimited number of product items, at a rate of over 100,000 items per hour.