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Communication accurateness is at times hampered by frequent personnel changes and required IT modifications are not always shared timely by A2.
To explore some of the grounds for this allegation as well as its accurateness, the present study examines the attributions made by both sexes regarding the motivation for women's sexualized appearance.
The need for precision and accurateness -they claim- is at the basis of this kind of borrowing.
However, the development of light-scattering and neutron-scattering techniques showed not only that such relaxation times could be measured with accurateness, but that they were dependent on the wavevector in such a way that nonlocal effects should be taken into consideration.
The accurateness and clarity in the use of terminology are also worth emphasizing.
While the book is compiled and based on US terminology and organisations, the medical accurateness, anatomy and physiology and fundamentals of nursing care are applicable to the Australian setting.
The problem is that there is a lot of variability among states in terms of the completeness, accurateness and specificity of the codes that are collected.
Determination coefficient (R2) shows accurateness between the regression equation and data.
The findings from the open-ended questions were compared with the findings from the group trust questionnaire to check the accurateness of the groups' trust levels.
1) Drayton was responsible for the completion of more than the first five volumes and for the quality and accurateness of the images, as well as for the printed forms and the coloring of many of the printed illustrations.
This practice not only provides a reference for interpretation but also helps to monitor the accurateness of DV detection and typing, which is particularly important to recognize if deterioration of reagents has occurred.