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and a lack of accurateness, completeness and openness in communication in Asia are uppermost among the concerns of the participants on both sides in year 1.
This practice not only provides a reference for interpretation but also helps to monitor the accurateness of DV detection and typing, which is particularly important to recognize if deterioration of reagents has occurred.
Given the accurateness of Robert Reid-Pharr s claim that "the prison acts as a primary site for the articulation of a late twentieth-century Black American masculinity" (613), one can understand why this site permeates African American men's literary discourse.
This requires constant monitoring of the online discussions to: prompt all students to participate, check for appropriate respectful dialogue, maintain relevant ontask discussions, and verify the accurateness of information being transmitted; (d) the weekly student reflections, formally returned with individual instructor comments, are now submitted online.
By admitting to this Levi is also acknowledging, albeit regrettably, that readers may have cause to question the accuracy of his own recollections and, consequently, may have reservations as to the accurateness of his statements.
Intuitively one would expect that if more information is revealed, that is, when more events are observed, a Bayesian updater should feel more secure about the accurateness of her or his predictions and that as a result the variance of the reported predictive distribution should decrease.
It measures the accurateness of the model when classifying the observations with respect to the binary response (zero or one).
employer, or the restrained character and the accurateness of the