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In 2015, ALG acquired Microbiology Research Associates, based in Acton, Massachusetts, and in 2016, ALG acquired Accuratus Lab Services, based in Eagan, Minnesota.
2017 Exhibitors (As of 3/14/17) Company Booth Accuratus Lab Services 608 ACIC Pharmaceutical Machinery/ G F 405 ACTA Laboratories, Inc.
Paul Schwartz, who lives in Pennsylvania, worked for the Accuratus Ceramics Corp.
Avista is a business unit of Accuratus Lab Services, Inc.
Walsh as chief executive officer of Avista Pharma Solutions and Accuratus Labs.
2] Ceramic Properties, Accuratus, http:// accuratus.
The name was dreamed up, literally in the bath, by some classically minded colleague at the pair's London venture capital backer Lica Development, an apparent abbreviation of the Latin for exact, accuratus.
Yet he was nevertheless a 'careful seeker-out of sweetness' (dulcedinis accuratus exquisitor), and Tinctoris left the matter to the judgement of listeners (C, II.
The Eagan facility, which operates as Accuratus Lab Services (Accuratus), provides testing services for antimicrobial products that are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Array Biopharma sold both its 50,000 square foot facility in Longmont, CO and the related contracts of its chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) business to the GMP and GLP testing services company Accuratus Lab Services and its principal owner Ampersand Capital Partners.
4050 Zeta Biopharma GmbH 4034 2016 Exhibitors (As of 03/02/16) Company Booth AAI Pharma Services--Cambridge Major Labs 504 Accuratus Lab Services 210 AnovaFil 421 Aptar Stelmi 615 ARAMARK Cleanroom Services 308 ARL BioPharma, Inc.
Joseph previously served as director of sales for Accuratus Lab Services in Agawam, MA, where she was responsible for commercializing new business opportunities and developing strategic relationships.