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By Tesfa-alem Tekle April 10,2009 (ADDIS ABABA) -- The UN Security Council in a fresh accusatio n this week said that Eritrea has failed to fulfill its obligation to withdraw troops from parts of Djibouti and it insists for an immediate pullback.
In fact, in his letter to the students, he confirms that he is willing to "respond to Bernard," if the abbot wants to continue his accusatio.
A similar equation of denuntiatio and accusatio takes place in the Summa "Quoniam status ecclesiarum" (1160-71); see Lefebvre "Contribution a l'etude," 65-66.
48) The first method, the accusatio, was the old method of adjudication where private persons voluntarily accused others, took on the burden of proving their accusation, and also accepted the risk of being punished if they failed.
In addition, American companies historically have been reactive when confronted with criticisms and accusatios about their ethical standards.