accused of damaging car

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Country: United States of America
State: North Carolina

I have been accused of injury to personal property. I did not commit the crime, but I want to know what kind evidence they need to have. I was accused of kicking in someone front windshield of their car. I want even at the scene at the time the incident occurred was told that there were footprints found and I told them I would be more then happy to give a pair(s) of my shoes to the police dept. so they can see if it matches, they never came for the shoes. I was also told that there was a witness, but there is no witness statement. can a person be a witness without giving a statement, and can I receive a copy of the police report to see exactly what was said in the report. I want to know how I can possibly win this case if someone decides to come to court and lie in a testimony for the plaintiff. what are my chances of beating this false charge and what should I do.


The evidence should show you did not do it--make sure that your counsel and/or the police etc. look at all evidence and see that it does not match with you. The case should be dropped...if problems emerge, let us know...
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