accused party

See: defendant
References in classic literature ?
True; but that gentleman being absent, his secretary, by his orders, opened his letters; thinking this one of importance, he sent for me, but not finding me, took upon himself to give the necessary orders for arresting the accused party.
A ' television' dismissal, without a chance for the accused party to make their case, is neither democratic nor decent.
He said the complainant and witnesses retracted their statements after receiving gratification from the accused party.
However, according to the law that regulates the duties and responsibilities of penal courts of peace, they can ban access to websites but do not have the power to issue a ruling without allowing the accused party to defend itself.
Ashish Khetan, a key member of the AAP's Delhi unit, accused party patron Shanti Bhushan and his son and daughter -- Prashant and Shalini --of wanting to control all the wings of the party.
The killers managed good escape while locals shifted the body and injured to district headquarters hospital\", he maintained, saying the deceased had a killing enmity with the accused party.
He accused party officials of sending emails speculating about Labour MPs' links to paedophiles and discussing when to "deploy" the information.
The Massachusetts Republican Party has agreed to pay $240,000 to settle a lawsuit filed against it by former gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher of Shrewsbury, after he accused party leaders of conspiring at the GOP state convention last spring to block him from the primary ballot.
A scuffle also took place among accused party and complainant party at this stage but the staff intervened and arrested four persons who were later handed over to Old Anarkali Police along with accused Azam.
Mr Attridge has accused party bosses of imposing an all-women shortlist to select an Assembly candidate in Delyn, where a female official of the trade union Unite is favoured, but not imposing one in Aberconwy, where he says the favoured candidate is a male defector from the Liberal Democrats.
Strichen, Scotland, yesterday accused party leaders of 'tricking' people into voting No to independence
He has finally noted that "any accusation not supported by evidence has no value, since anyone concerned in the accusation would be able to refute what has been circulated and to legally pursue the accused party for defamation.