accused party

See: defendant
References in classic literature ?
True; but that gentleman being absent, his secretary, by his orders, opened his letters; thinking this one of importance, he sent for me, but not finding me, took upon himself to give the necessary orders for arresting the accused party.
The affected family, however, has expressed apprehensions over the threats being hurled by the accused party and police.
Chief Justice Peshawar High Court (PHC) Yahya Afridi who heard the case on Friday, sought complete record of the case within a week and issued notices to the accused party.
The accused party is holding field in the area, they are mighty, influential and possessing great strength in the local area,' the petitioner claims.
The members of DOPC, especially Additional DG OPC, DIG Agha Yousaf made hectic efforts and the accused party handed over cheques of Rs142 million to the complainant.
He also accused party president Deuba of nominating the party spokesperson by breaching the party statute.
Siddiqui argued there was a collision of state and accused party in the murder case as he informed court that four prosecutors on the case had been replaced in this matter.
In certain situations, an application may also be filed preventing the accused party from leaving the country.
While he appreciates the incriminating photo has since been deleted, he also now feels guilty because he believes he committed the crime, but his best friend, Sonny (Freddie Smith) is sitting in jail as the accused party.
The remarks came hours after Vishwas accused party leaders of conspiring against him and said he will soon take a call on future action.
The former prime minister accused party leader Jeremy Corbyn of handing the centre ground to the Tories by pursuing policies that are "a mixture of fantasy and error".
When evaluating sex disputes between students, UVA uses a preponderance-of-the-evidence standard, which requires only 51 percent certainty the accused party is responsible.