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Germaine," she began, "you must accustom yourself to the world of shadows in which it is my lot to live.
I want time," I said, "to accustom myself to my right name.
You must accustom yourself to the fact that you are in another world than the one of oppression and brutality in which you have lived.
I wished to keep his mind free from fallacies, and strove before all things to accustom him from childhood to exert his intellectual powers, to make a rapid and accurate general survey of a matter, and then, by a careful study of every least particular, to master his subject in detail.
Providence itself was offering him this opportunity to accustom the girl to sea-life by a comparatively short trip.
But when one has been in a family circle one cannot accustom oneself to this life
I would recommend this book to all types of readers, even those who aren't accustom to reading poetry.