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Mr Dorrit lost no time in referring the delicate question to the county-widower, and finding that he had been accustomed to pay three hundred pounds a-year to the credit of Mrs General, arrived, without any severe strain on his arithmetic, at the conclusion that he himself must pay four.
So gradual were the changes, however, that Adrienne did not note them, and accustomed as she had been to the existence, the presence, the love of this one being, and of this being only, to her the final separation scarce seemed within the bounds of possibility.
He was accustomed, therefore, to the familiarity which prevails between that class and their superiors, and the gossipings which take place among them when seated round a fire at their encampments.
Osborne pulled frantically at the cord by which he was accustomed to summon the butler when he wanted wine--and almost black in the face, ordered that functionary to call a coach for Captain Osborne.
RIGA, Aug 5 (LETA) State Revenue Service head Ieva Jaunzeme still should get accustomed to work, but she should focus more on work with dishonest companies, said Finance Minister Janis Reirs (New Unity).
Moreover, our young generation is accustomed to cheating and they are not using their mind properly to quench the thirst of knowledge.
Washington, Jan 2 ( ANI ): Joaquin Phoenix has confessed that he feels terrified when fans approach him, as he is not accustomed to the celebrity-life.
The 32-year-old has a pile of demands, all food-related, that are nowhere near the levels of insanity we're accustomed to from other divas in the industry.
We become accustomed to being tired when we first wake up in the morning, we get accustomed to having coffee, it becomes normal to be ravenous by 10am despite having a considerable amount of calories at breakfast, it even becomes normal to see urine that looks the same colour as most popular lagers when we go to the loo.
These changes have produced a generation of young Americans who are not only less accustomed to peace, but also more accustomed to ceding power to government.Will the current state of US foreign policy embed war-making in the DNA of the next generation, or will over a decade of perpetual war eventually be rejected in favor of a renewed preference for liberty and peace?
However, he of course doesn't speak the Queen's English to which you are so accustomed and his coarse language has hurt your very sensitive ears which I am sure are not accustomed to such crass language.
Where an employee is directed to report for duty to a place of work other than the employee's accustomed place of work, the employee shall travel to and from the alternative place of work in the employer's time for those periods in excess of time normally taken to travel to and from the accustomed place of work.