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They cut saplings from the forest and laid a road into the swamp before they could get us all out, and then we marched back to the city of Jor the Galu chief, and there was great rejoicing when Ajor came home again mounted upon the glossy back of the stallion Ace.
Nobs stuck close to Bowen; but Ace and Ajor and I went out upon many long rides through the beautiful north Galu country.
He played a videotape that showed how the new Ace commercial had been made, followed by the commercial itself.
The Late Great Johnny Ace not only serves to relate the importance of Johnny Ace to American popular music but also provides substantial information on tangential subjects such as the rise of independent record labels, the history and importance of disk jockeys and radio stations, and Memphis from the Civil War to World War II.
As Ace leaves the compound, the monks are in wild celebration, while Ace comments, "I've never seen them act like that before; denial can be an ugly thing.
The ACE adjustment is one component of the corporate AMT calculation.
Practitioners now must be prepared to implement the new simplified ACE computations.
Enacted as part of the Tax Reform Act of 1986, the ACE adjustment will replace the rather arbitrary book income adjustment as a means of capturing a measure of economic income within the AMT income base.
Larry Gillanders, CEO, Chief Technology Officer for ACE, commented, "APL thought it could bully ACE and its licensees into paying royalties even though there was no infringement.
The wildly popular film that propelled Jim Carrey to superstardom, Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, is like a scatter-gun, shooting irreverence around indiscriminately, hitting everything in and out of sight.
The establishment of ACE Tempest Re Canada recognizes ACE's goal to better serve the Canadian insurance market and offer Canadian clients the products and services they require to address their business needs," said Jacques Bonneau, President & Chief Executive Officer, ACE Tempest Re Group.
Staffed by a team of innovative underwriters, ACE Professional Risk is the operating unit within ACE USA, which distributes management liability, professional liability and surety products through retail brokers throughout the U.