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Reports over the weekend claimed that Saddam's former top official Mahmud al-Tikriti - the Ace of Diamonds in the US deck of cards of most wanted Iraqis - told interrogators that he had spent time hiding with the trio in Iraq after the war ended.
A distant cousin of Saddam,Mahmud is also the ace of diamonds on the US deck of cards portraying leaders of Saddam's regime.
The turn is the Ace of diamonds and the river is the Jack of diamonds giving Sean a royal flush.
The other son Uday is Ace of Diamonds and Chemical Ali - Ali Hassan Majeed, thought to have died in Basra - is the Ace of Hearts.
Eddie goes all-in for his last 700 and shows the Ace of diamonds and the 7 of hearts.
Four clubs from South shows the ace of clubs, Four diamonds by North the ace of diamonds and four hearts by South the ace of hearts.
Now Telewest will instead send out the ace of diamonds, which is linked with good luck.
But the river is Ace of diamonds, doubling Marty up.
Your losing clubs will go on the diamonds but the ace of diamonds is your third loser so how will you tackle trumps?
Ace of diamonds is Bernie Ebbers, former boss of Worldcom, the telecom company whose accounting frauds led to the biggest corporate bankruptcy in history.
South crossed to the ace of diamonds, ruffed another club and then led a diamond.