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Hereditary enemies of the Tagalogs, the Macabebes had often sided with the Spanish and, because of this, had been attacked by the Katipunan during the 1896 revolt, which served to further acerbate the dislike between the two groups.
Kugler, Rapoport, and Pazy (2010) experimentally compare the behavior of groups of different size (= available resources), noting that size on the one hand acerbates within-group free-riding but on the other hand enhances chances of winning the intergroup contest.
The impacts of inadequate social services and how this acerbates isolation and loneliness were common themes that emerged in our interviews with newcomer women.
The simplicity of the resulting scheme obscured then, and acerbates now, more complex cultural, linguistic, and topographical realities on the ground.
This build up of mineral N after summer rainfall events acerbates the asynchrony in supply and demand for mineral N, which is an underlying cause of N loss in many arable soils in southern Australia (Fillery 2001).