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An already justifiable distrust of public judgment was acerbated when she was misdiagnosed as schizophrenic at the age of twenty-one, and she spent most of the following eight years in various mental asylums, narrowly escaping an unwarranted lobotomy.
As in many other women's autobiographies the story changes after her marriage -- no family unit but two parallel lives; children but more memories of problems than of happiness; poverty acerbated by Henry Popp's spending and his bouts with alcohol.
Human activities in the estuary itself not only have ex acerbated these conditions but also have affected living resources.
This is acerbated by the fact that only 56 percent of firms participating in trade shows have set specific objectives before participating in a given show.
Such isolation in the electorate is acerbated by the fact that on the national level blacks are a relatively small proportion of the electorate to begin with.
Battering of women, often related to alcoholism, is commonplace, acerbated by the housing shortage, and minimized by the unenlightened police.
And the publish-orperish principle is firmly rooted in scientific competition for grants and positions-a process exacerbated acerbated by the practice of granting facility members lifetime appointments.
Social conflicts between the old aristocracy and the workers and peasants, acerbated by hyperinflation and unemployment, boiled over into strikes and riots.
An unsatisfactory trend has been developing, no doubt acerbated by unruly adult behaviour, not the least being that in legislatures.
The new kingdom had a population of Serbs, Albanians, Bosnians, Croats, Macedonians, Montenegrins and Slovenes, and who coexisted in a tense atmosphere acerbated by centuries of tribal and religious distrust.
All of these Asia states along with Mexico which I've studied have dysfunctional public-service delivery systems which are acerbated by archaic financial systems (budgeting and accounting), excessive population pressures, and rising public expectations.