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Nevertheless, his pungent acerbity makes the reader associate his collection to the works of other migrant writers such as Igiaba Scego, who also uses sarcasm as a way to denounce the difficulties that immigrants experience when they are in the process of settling in another society.
In the book, O'Rourke's 19th, the former editor in chief of National Lampoon uses his celebrated blend of acerbity and warmth to explore the 2016 election, which he refers to as a "rebellion" against people in control.
The appearance of fellow camper Penelope, who is Charlie's match in intelligence and acerbity, if not nerdiness, proves that I sophomoric humor need not be at the expense of half the human race.
Writing in The Freewoman in 1912, Rebecca West--herself a supporter of women's suffrage--denounced with characteristic acerbity the increasing popularity of "degradations of the drama written by propagandists," complaining that "the public taste has already been so perverted that dislocated Suffrage speeches.
MANSEHRA -- A security guard allegedly gunned down by another security guard after an acerbity between them, at Jorri Hydro Power Project here in the jurisdiction of Shinkiari police station on Friday.
The acerbity and hostility are so toxic that I know of some friends who have deactivated their Facebook accounts to rest from emotional tirades and even threats within the social media arena.
Despite this occasional acerbity, Arthur is much more likely to lavish praise than insults.
163): "there was at times some acerbity between them.
That past spoils the present, for when she later speaks with Jaffrey, his mere smile "operate[s] on her acerbity of heart like sunshine upon vinegar, making it ten times sourer than ever" (2:128).
This would obviously meet the nationalists' demand at least halfway and the on going bickering controversy over the quantum of provincial autonomy is bound to get it's acerbity substantially diluted " hopefully.
I think--I certainly hope--that in the fullness of time, his acerbity will not deter future students from absorbing his substantive arguments.
The discussion of character-related LFI picked up again in the 1980s, yet the criticism directed at fathers lacked the acerbity seen in the 1920s through the 1940s.