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Xysticus acerbus is a scarce crab spider, not previously recorded in the London area.
She killed herself to avoid an unwanted marriage with a foreign king so that she would not violate her promise to remain chaste and faithful to her deceased husband Acerbus or Sychaeus.
Afinal, Marcial, quando retomou o nec sine te nec tecum uiuere possum ("nem sem ti nem contigo posso viver") deixou claro: Difficilis facilis, iucundus acerbus es idem ("Dificil e facil, tu es a um tempo docil e amargo" --Marcial, XII, 47, 1).
Jayne survived an injury scare in the Ladies Derby at Newmarket seven weeks ago when her horse Acerbus Dulcis was one of three to fall when the pace was at its hottest a furlong from home.
But in our passage the reference is to the iniustus dominus atque acerbus Tarquinius Superbus (2.
But the race was marred when three horses fell just over a furlong out with Jingoist coming down after having her heels clipped by Mimosa, in turn bringing down long-time leader Feel No Fear and Acerbus Dulcis.