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Because C289 is located at the entrance to the active site of AChE, it potentially could react with chemical pesticides designed to target that enzyme.
Since ache is a chronic disease capable of causing serious psychological and 'social problems, it warrants early, aggressive treatment and prolonged maintenance therapy, according to updated treatment guidelines.
The Company has applied to FDA to market this product for relief of minor aches and pains.
News flash, folks: The heart doesn't ache, and it has nothing to do with the tender feelings of love, heartache or heartbreak.
CHICAGO -- If you have experienced recurring headache, neck pain or general muscle ache, the source of your pain and discomfort could be a dental or oral health problem.
The infomercial features Zylogen(TM) Real Pain Relief which provides penetrating pain relief for minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, simple backache, strains, bruises, and sprains.
PHOTO The morning after the marathon, every muscle aches - even ones you never knew you had.
An increase in physical aches and pains is directly attributed to anxiety disorders and depression, according to the results of a new national study released today.
The unusual aches in weird places, the inability to eat some favorite foods without developing a mild or worse case of indigestion, and the need for an extra-large computer screen.
In its earliest stages, the deadly disease Anthrax can mimic the symptoms of a common flu, complete with fever, cough and muscle aches.
Neck aches and eyestrain - anyone who has a desk job expects it.
OTCBB:SLGD), which develops, manufactures and markets household and skin care products, today announced the introduction of RubOut Bruises & Aches Cream to its growing line of niche skin care products.