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The judge based his finding on evidence that pounds 179 per sq ft was an achievable price in 2000.
Support was modified because the achievable goals and results were not acceptable to the patients or surrogates or the human and economic costs were too high for them.
As for an HIV preventative vaccine, I believe it is achievable, but in nay view it will take another 7 to 15 years.
The strengths of this approach are twofold: first, it transforms a complex process into a series of small achievable steps; and second it delivers instruction at the student's point of need.
An achievable goal is not too hard (frustrating) and not too easy (boring), and it can be attained without physical strain within a short time.
Hughes was the man on board to guide Barry through the toughest time in its history and when he took over he fully believed it was an achievable task.
A target of reducing the high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from Dubai's hotels by 20% by 2011 is "ambitious but achievable," according to a leading energy saving expert.
However, the ADA regulations specifically listed examples presumed to be "readily achievable," and construction of ramps is on that list.
In the last 15 overs even 120 was very much achievable but the key is when your set batsmen are there, if one of them goes on till the end, whether you are setting a target or chasing.
This is an achievable part of the EMRR but if not connected to the Stainton Way link it would achieve nothing and become another road, in the area, going nowhere.
Instead, choose a safe, attainable goal in an achievable timeframe.
L'Oreal said results of consumer tests on participants found the benefits of the products were achievable.