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IDEA2016 Achievement Award Winners included; ITW Dynatec's Ultra Strand Coating System; BASF's SAVIVA SAP Technology; Jacob Holm's SoftLite lightweight nonwovens; WipeMeWorld's WipeMe flushable wipe on a roll; Impossible Objects, LLC's Composite-Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM) 3D printed pieces; Mogul Nonwovens and Diaper Recycling Technology/MobiAir.
Role of English Language Arts Achievement in Science Achievement.--Reader, climate, and text features may improve reading comprehension in science classes (Barton & Jordan 2001).
The final results for 2016 show that Year 12 NCEA Level 2 achievement by M?ori students has increased from 51.6 percent in 2008 to 74.9 percent, and achievement by Pasifika students increased from 50.5 percent to 79.5 percent.
4 (BNA): President of the Bahrain Authority for Antiquities and Culture (BACA) Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa has been granted the annual Arab Women Award for 2015 for her achievements in culture and education.
This essay draws on data from the 2000 and 2012 Program for International Student Assessment studies to compare the prevalence of single-parent families and how family structure relates to children's educational achievement across countries.
Little clear evidence exists, however, linking the quality of such standards to student achievement. I remedy this by connecting data on state-level student achievement from 1994-2011 with measures of the quality of states' curricular standards as judged by two independent organizations at three different moments in time.
Correlation analysis indicated a significant positive correlation of achievement motivation, competition and work with academic achievement.
Popular drama series Mad Men also cleaned up receiving the award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama before Jon Hamm who stars in the show collected the award for Individual Achievement in Drama.
Although previous research has shown that attributions of achievement outcomes influence academic achievements (Anderson, 1983; Schunk, 1982; Weiner, 1986, 2000), and educational expectations can predict future academic achievements (Bui, 2007; Sanders, Field, & Diego, 2001), only a few studies have explored the predictive value of achievement attributions and educational expectations on the academic achievements of adolescents and examined their long-term effects on their academic development.
A previous Special Achievement Award winner was Rebecca Proom, from West Jesmond, Newcastle.
We would like to invite all past laureates, Junior Achievement alumni and supporters to join us in honoring our laureates and the continuing impact of Junior Achievement economic education programs in Alaska.
Effort regulation is one of the self-regulatory components associated with achievement (Pintrich et al., 1993).