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His fat-soiled vegetable-garden in the nook of hills that failed of its best was a problem of engrossing importance, and when he had solved it by putting in drain-tile, the joy of the achievement was ever with him.
Ferguson came over to celebrate the housewarming that followed the achievement of the great stone fireplace.
In Ferguson's eyes was actually a suspicious moisture while the woman pressed even more closely against the man whose achievement it was.
She had transmuted Western culture and achievement into terms that were intelligible to the Chinese understanding.
Still grander, to be sure, by the nature of the two forms, was the Elizabethan achievement in the drama, which we shall consider in the next chapter; but the lyrics have the advantage in sheer delightfulness and, of course, in rapid and direct appeal.
There are still 10 main categories - including GCSE Achievement, Technology Achievement and Art Achievement - but now we have added a Special Achievement Award category.
Effort regulation is one of the self-regulatory components associated with achievement (Pintrich et al.
But even if this fall's elections shift the political direction in the legislative branch, NCLB appears likely to stay on the statute books because it provides a framework, flaws notwithstanding, to bring about significant advances in student achievement in the country's public schools.
The LAUSD failed to meet federal standards for math and English proficiency for the second straight year despite slight increases in student achievement scores, a California Department of Education report released Thursday said.
These curriculum areas are necessary for all to reveal optimum achievement.
Correlational data and regression analysis provide the school counselor with a method to describe growth in achievement test scores from elementary to high school.
The NEETF report follows the seminal 1998 State Education and Environment Roundtable report Closing the Achievement Gap: Using the Environment as an Integrating Context for Education, which examined 40 schools in 12 states and detailed the success of environment-based programs in motivating student interest and improving academic achievement.