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His fat-soiled vegetable-garden in the nook of hills that failed of its best was a problem of engrossing importance, and when he had solved it by putting in drain-tile, the joy of the achievement was ever with him.
Ferguson came over to celebrate the housewarming that followed the achievement of the great stone fireplace.
In Ferguson's eyes was actually a suspicious moisture while the woman pressed even more closely against the man whose achievement it was.
Michael's crowning achievement, under Daughtry's tutelage, in the first days in the stateroom, was to learn to count up to five.
The material achievement and progress of the West was a closed book to her; nor could the West open the book.
She had transmuted Western culture and achievement into terms that were intelligible to the Chinese understanding.
The usual "Sports" were to take place--such as running, jumping, "putting" the hammer, throwing cricket-balls, and the like--and the whole was to wind up with a Foot-Race of unexampled length and difficulty in the annals of human achievement between the two best men on either side.
The first three books of this, his crowning achievement, Spenser, under enthusiastic encouragement from Ralegh, brought to London and published in 1590.
Still grander, to be sure, by the nature of the two forms, was the Elizabethan achievement in the drama, which we shall consider in the next chapter; but the lyrics have the advantage in sheer delightfulness and, of course, in rapid and direct appeal.
He felt that this was rousing in his soul a feeling of anger destructive of his peace of mind and of all the good of his achievement.
The Chronicle's annual campaign aims to celebrate the achievements of 14 to 25-year-olds from across the region.
Earlier in the year, at the first of a series of NCLB summits--this one in Philadelphia--Spellings lauded the Philadelphia School District's NCLB achievements under its chief executive officer, Paul Vallas, who has been implementing sweeping district-wide reforms since 2002.

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