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Translating resources into actions requires, first of all, a clear statement of what the we want to achieve. As one observer wrote: "If you don't know where you're heading, any road will get you there." We know where we are heading.
As we work to achieve these goals, security cooperation offers policymakers and the combatant commanders a very useful tool kit made up of a full range of programs and procedures shown in Figure 2.
One of the primary goals of optical technology is to achieve (focus) the smallest diameter of light, incident or spot, on the storage disk.
The goal of clinical benchmarking is twofold--create a sense of what is achievable, and find out how to achieve it.
New data illustrate that grooved-feed sections can achieve high throughput rates with a broad range of resins - not just polyethylenes - that characteristically exhibit poor solids conveyance.
409 wisely directs the Federal Reserve to place price stability above other economic goals because price stability is the most important contribution the Federal Reserve can make to achieve full employment and maximum sustainable growth.
The impetus behind Stonecipher's message was that cast components' quality levels had dramatically improved since the '60s and '70s and that, on average, Boeing could achieve at least a 20-35% cost reduction in tooling alone by converting an assembly to a cast component.
Today's lost foam casting process is not the same as it was in the 70s and 80s, however, and the remaining lost foam facilities and their suppliers improved their processes to achieve high-quality castings more consistently.
Toshiba's newly developed surface treatment process and heat treatment technology achieve low contact resistance at the source and drain electrodes, allowing maximization of the GaN material characteristics.
But, the question remains, can these innovative powerhouses transform their sectors over and over and achieve even higher levels of growth?
Samples are designed to achieve specified confidence and precision criteria, which determine sample size.
Although a key aspect of Team USA is working more closely with our foreign partners and with industry, we must not forget that the primary purpose of FMS and related processes is to achieve the goals of our national security strategy.

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