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409 wisely directs the Federal Reserve to place price stability above other economic goals because price stability is the most important contribution the Federal Reserve can make to achieve full employment and maximum sustainable growth.
To achieve this qualification, iBASEt has demonstrated that Solumina G6 can be successfully deployed on a J2EE-based deployment of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server Release 6.
Toshiba's unique process technology achieves chip uniformity across the wafer, while the company's advanced power management reduces power dissipation inside the package.
Strategic Energy's approach to helping Pearsall ISD achieve its goal of reducing its electricity costs met, and in some instances, exceeded our client's selection criteria of potential partners.
New PROS system up and running within two months and on track to achieve system payback within six months.
Extending beyond point speech applications, the enterprise-wide speech strategy aims to achieve maximum benefits of cost-reduction, customer satisfaction, automated cross-and-up sells and brand congruity.
The TOPS technology fully automates the physical synthesis process to help designers achieve higher device performance with the push of a button.
With four power output step settings, 23dBm, 17dBm, 12dBm, and 7dBm, achieved through analog voltage control adjustments, the power amplifiers achieve best in class performance at low current consumption for all four power steps.
The need for a search engine ranking service that achieves quantifiable results has stemmed from the fact that search engines rank the highest among all ways Internet users find a website.
In many of these applications, traditional RAID controllers must be used in groups of two or more in conjunction with high-overhead host computer software striping to achieve the sustained data transfer rate that a single Digi-Data RAID controller achieves with the Guaranteed RAID Sustained Data Transfer Rate(TM).
If Mobil achieves its earnings and ROCE targets, and stock market multiples remain at 1996 levels, the stock price should reach $200 per share (pre-split) by 2001.
Our customers can leverage Infineon's volume production capabilities to achieve economies-of-scale in purchasing.

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