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It is achingly sad to know those hopes and dreams can never happen as planned.
Translated from Urdu, the short poetry collection Light and Heavy Things is remarkable in its combination of simplicity and achingly beautiful imagery.
The steadfast love a couple showers on their cat and each other underpins "Pascha," an achingly tender film from South Korean helmer-scribe Ahn Seonkyoung.
Listening to classical guitarist Matthew Ardizzone's take on Agustin Barrios' "Julia Florida,'' it's hard not to lose yourself in the achingly beautiful music.
0-litre is not achingly slow and it can even handle longer journeys with reasonable ease.
Charting his life from an achingly dull childhood in Leicestershire to his student days at Cambridge and superstardom with the Pythons in the 70s, Chapman's is a life story every bit as bizarre as the surreal animation used to illustrate the film.
THE CBSO, and especially the string players, had a chance to shine in a diverse programme that included Mahler's achingly poignant Kindertotenleider as the centrepiece, sitting slightly uneasily between Schubert's Unfinished Symphony No 8 and Dvorak's Symphony No 7.
We're introduced to PC Topping through a long and achingly sarcastic letter from Sergeant Laurence Everill, who delights in handing over such a tedious crime to his old school friend Topping.
Out goes the achingly beautiful DPS for the local gym, in comes the hard-working campaigns for bouillon cubes and telecom thrifty packages.
The band's signature catchy signature duelling guitars, pounding drums and Matthew Davies' blisteringly powerful, yet achingly vulnerable, vocals linger long.
Reed's downtempo stuff, such as It's Easier and (Am I Just) Fooling Myself, is achingly sincere and highly impressive.