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As we achingly inch towards purity of heart, we can be seduced by spiritual brinkmanship.
Even without props he was achingly funny, silencing all those knockers in the press who have never seen him live.
I wanted to believe that by getting to know Ava, my outspoken, independent, achingly romantic narrator, from the safe distance that fiction allows, some of my readers might be moved to a higher level of sensitivity to the presence of people all around us, meeting the challenge of HIV/AIDS.
Muhammad Ali's victory over George Foreman was achingly dramatic, totally compelling - and utterly unforgettable.
From the attention-seeking accountant to the achingly unfunny "comedian", Westenders is particularly excruciating for its attempts to portray the West End of Newcastle as a hotbed of controversy - and I say that as someone who has spent the best part of the last 30 years living there.
The performance was awesomeand achingly tender, a tribute to this orchestra's talents.
Domenig's brittle language of angular metal and glass is a consciously lightweight, dynamic counterpoint to the heaviness and stasis of the granite, brick and achingly formal symmetry.
This is a religious book in the best sense, fusing matter and spirit, ultimately, achingly human.
At the 1986 WFF, Jean-Jacques Beinix won the number one prize with his sensuous and achingly beautiful 37, 2[degrees] le matin (Betty Blue).
Each candidate was achingly close to the 270 electoral votes needed to win: Bush at 246, Gore at 260.
By now, photographs of bloody soldiers and crying children are achingly familiar.
Men, required as they were for the killing fields of Verdun and the Somme, became scarce for metalwork, and women were seen as suitably fit for the mind-numbing, achingly repetitive work that came with new forms of rationalized production.