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Excellent cellular contrast is achievable from both endogenous fluorescence and with extrinsic nucleic acid dyes.
The two-color solution was prepared by mixing 50% acid dye navy blue Erionyl R and 50% acid dye red Erionyl A-3B, and the three-color solution was prepared using 1/3 of each acid dye in this study, totaling a concentration of 0.
Titanium dioxide-mediated photocatalytic degradation of acid dye and decolourisation of textile dye waste containing acid dyes have been studied (Kanmani, 2003; Reddy, 2005).
Cl Acid Blue 74 (Fig 2) is an example of an acid dye.
Gupta, Investigating the Toxicity of Acid Dyes from Textile Effluent Under UV/ZnO Process Using Daphnia magna, Desalin.
Composite mixtures of reactive dyes, direct dyes, and acid dyes from the textile dyeing and finishing effluents were supplied from two volunteer factories.
In the acid dye bath the carboxyl ions are converted to un-dissociated carboxyl group owing to addition of acid HX (Sulfuric or formic acid) which causes the positively charged wool (H3N-W-COOH) to take up an equivalent amount of acid anions X-, hydrogen sulfate, as depicted in Scheme-1.
DuPont Artistri ink meets industry standard fastness requirements and is available in a wide array of colors covering the four major textile chemistries: acid dye, reactive dye, disperse dye and pigment ink.
Ink that suits customer specific applications can be selected from reactive and acid dye ink variations.
It was reported [17] that the acid dye is first dissolve in aqueous solution, which is dissociate and convert into anionic dye ions.
The four popular ink chemistries -- acid dye, reactive dye, disperse dye and pigment -- will all be available for the 2020 printer.
The acid dye inks, developed in cooperation with several of the leading Italian silk printers, are available in two formulations for different ink jet printhead technologies (thermal and piezo), along with an optional fabric pretreatment solution.