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Hyperuricosuria, defined as uric acid excretion greater than 750 mg/d, is associated with calcium oxalate stones in 20% of patients.
Diets rich in animal proteins also increase uric acid excretion, revealed PCRM's nutrition and renal disease literature.
Treatment options may include uricosuric agents that enhance uric acid excretion, xanthine oxidase inhibitors that decrease urate formation and uricase enzymes that catalyze the conversion to allantoin, a more soluble purine product.
The importance of renal net acid excretion as a determinant of fasting urinary calcium excretion.
We found that the two steroidal glycosides possess potent uricosuric effect in hyperuricemic mice through decreasing renal mURAT1 mainly and inhibiting XOD activity in a certain extent, which contribute to the enhancement of uric acid excretion and attenuate hyperuricemia-induced renal dysfunction.
4-7) In addition, collecting duct has been documented to be the main site of ureteral obstruction-induced impairment in acid excretion, in which activity of [H.
Increased sympathetic outflow alter renal sodium handling, increased arterial pressure, decreased blood flow and decreased uric acid excretion.
After two years, the potassium takers had higher spine, flip, arm, and leg bone density than the placebo takers, and the potassium citrate neutralized excess acid excretion.
According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, women, who drank half to one liter of either apple, grapefruit, or orange juice daily, increased their pH level of their urine and citric acid excretion.
After 2 years, the potassium group had higher spine, arm, leg, and hip bone density than the placebo group, and they had less excess acid excretion as well.
The first will lower the production of uric acid, and the second will raise uric acid excretion through the kidneys.