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About Molecular Probes' reactive nucleic acid stains: Molecular Probes' reactive nucleic acid stains are chemically reactive versions of its highly successful substituted unsymmetrical cyanine dyes, which include products such as SYBR(R) Green I and II gel stains, SYBR(R) Gold gel stain, PicoGreen(R) double-stranded DNA quantitation reagent, RiboGreen(R) RNA quantitation reagent, OliGreen(R) single-stranded DNA quantitation reagent, and others.
They can be used to form more variegated appearances than solvent-based acid stains.
The Los Alamos group has used several different nucleic acid stains, including PicoGreen, POPO-3, and TOTO-1, all of which show a 600-fold or larger enhancement in fluorescence when they bind to DNA.
On October 2, ground handling employees noticed acid stains on the container exterior.