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The Coastal Communities Ocean Acidification Act of 2017 would conduct coastal community vulnerability assessments related to Ocean Acidification.
The long-term impact of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems remains to be determined but the immediate effects of reduced pH have been well studied for some organisms (Takahashi 2004, Malakoff 2012).
Polar areas are most affected by ocean acidification, as cold water is able to more quickly absorb CO2.
Acidification activity: Evaluation of acidification during fermentation is a potential characteristic of LAB that is of paramount importance to investigate (Corsetti and Settanni 2007).
To help implement these recommendations, we call upon the state and its partners to form a center of excellence focused on ocean acidification and hypoxia, to be hosted by the new Marine Studies Initiative based at Oregon State University.
Ocean acidification and rising sea temperatures have been blamed for the Reef's bleaching event, the third to affect the underwater ecosystem since 1998.
Q: Why do you feel ocean acidification and reef restoration are important areas?
About 10 years ago, ocean acidification nearly collapsed the annual $117 million West Coast shellfish industry, which supports more than 3,000 jobs.
Increasing our observations in this area will help us develop the environmental information needed by policymakers and industry to address the growing challenges of ocean acidification.
Rising acidification (too much hydrogen in the seawater) of estuary waters spells trouble for Chesapeake Bay oysters and other marine habitats.
International Resource News-December 16, 2014--Alacer Gold installs its Sulfidization, Acidification, Recycling and Thickening facility
Two studies indicate that ocean acidification caused by the absorption of carbon dioxide can change the way sharks eat and sleep.