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Argentina's uniquely interesting white variety yields some lovely wines and this is an excellent example; nuances of wildflowers, jasmine, peach and orange zest are characteristic; the acidity is crisp and racy; the finish is not-quite-dry; a good match with Asian cuisine or dishes with fruit glaze.
The best wines have such a wonderful balance of rich fruit with melting tannins and the kind of acidity that invites you to drink a second glass.
Dry matter and ripe titratable acidity, which is associated with sourness, significantly influenced the degree of liking in the 2008 consumer test, but not in the 1999 test.
The acidity cuts through rich food and refreshes the palate, making you want the next bite.
While malic acid determines the more agreeably perceived fruity acidity, pyruvic acid is responsible for the caramel sour taste of the coffee beverage.
Service conditions: Acidity: pH range 5-9; temperature 220[degrees]F (104[degrees]C); shaft speed to 1900 FPM.
Pregnant women and overweight individuals frequently experience acidity. People with a high nervous and emotional disposition are very much prone to develop acidity too.
On the palate, crunchy red fruit dripping with acidity gets the palate wetter than an otter's pocket.
''The current increase in ocean acidity is a hundred times faster than any previous natural change that has occurred over the last many millions of years,'' the declaration states.
It seems to me that the acidity of the air inside the engine would be at least as important as the humidity.
Reds tend to be more age-worthy because of their tannins (compounds in grape seeds and skins that slow oxidation and promote aging); whites are fruitier, have greater acidity, and reach their optimal age faster.
Acidity: A measure of the acid content of the liquid; in fine coffees, acidity results in a pleasant sharpness.