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In his story, Schultz comments acidly on the Facebook group's 21,000-plus members, as well as on the 200 or so fans who protested publicly with signs that read "What's wrong with scoring in the offseason?
President Obama has been acidly critical of the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizens United case, in which it held that corporations and unions may spend unlimited funds to influence elections.
As Judge Robert Smith acidly remarked in his lone dissent, "It is hard to imagine any court saying that a decision about whether an utterance is constitutionally protected speech, or whether a search was unreasonable, or whether a school district has been guilty of racial discrimination, is not primarily a judicial exercise.
In fact, Morley's book, dealing with novelists often acidly critical of US confidence and hegemony, alternates between use of a "national frame" (4) and a more theoretically current embrace of transnational methods (more later on the success of this alternation).
Mad Dogs And Englishmen by Noel Coward, for instance, is acidly amusing.
From his 1968 viewpoint, Stanner remarks acidly that in 1930 'the fundamental structure of racial relations was as near to that of the early 1800's as made no difference' (p.
They argued that journalists were so smitten by Obamamania that they blindly worshipped the candidate one ardent Hillary backer refers to acidly as "Swoonman" while giving no love to this rivals.
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini condemned the agreement - acidly noting that the SOFA granted an American dog in Iran more rights than an Iranian citizen - and attacked the shah and the United States, leading to Khomeini's exile to Iraq.
My non-pilot wife, following the chatter while taking care of three small children in the back of the plane, commented acidly, "Even I know what a victor airway is
His dismissive review of A Prelude to Death in Venice acidly suggested that Mabou Mines funders "reconsider their magnanimity.
Schumer asked, acidly, whether Miers ever suggested that maybe young, lightly experienced, Sampson wasn't the best person to be in charge of firing U.