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However, to our knowledge, there is still no information available on the application of P acidus leaf extract in minced pork as natural antioxidant.
Selective antimicrobial properties of Phyllanthus acidus leaf extract against Candida albican, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus using disc diffusion and agar well diffusion, streak plate and a dilution method.
In experimental liver damage induced by paracetamol, beneficial effects of the plants including Lantadine A, Clitoria ternatea, Taraxacum officinale, Clausena dentata, Phyllanthus acidus and Telfairia occidentalis have been demonstrated in various studies (6-11).
acidus were collected during the month of June of 2014 from the localities of Agartala, Tripura and were authenticated by Dr.
Suillus acidus (Peck) Singer; BP, C, M, T (Gandara 26)
Hypotensive activity of an n-butanol extract and their purified compounds from leaves of Phyllanthus acidus (L.
Effect of auxin and cytokinin on phyllanthusol A production by callus cultures of Phyllanthus acidus skeels.
La palabra latina que significa vinagre, acetum, esta relacionada muy de cerca con otra palabra latina, acidus, de donde proviene la palabra acido.
23 mg/g, dry weight) in callus cultures of Phyllanthus acidus Skeels (Duangporn and Siripong, 2009).
The results showed that extracts from Citrus aurantifolia (Rutaceae), Citrus aurantium (Rutaceae), Punica granatum (Punicaceae), Phyllanthus acidus (Euphorbiaceae) and Tamarindus indica (Caesalpiniaceae) possess strong in vitro antibacterial activity against the bacteria tested.