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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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They found that NSAIDs are able to directly inhibit mitogen-induced proliferation of pancreatic acinar cells. The findings from that study do not explain the link between chronic NSAID use and PAM in humans.
It may be concluded that the cytoplasm of acinar cells was filled with mitochondria, rough endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi complex in mid and late foetal age groups.
(98) In addition, various mutations of the pancreatitisassociated gene, serine protease inhibitor, Kazal type I (SPINK1) gene (the gene encoding an inhibitor of activated trypsin) impairs negative regulation of trypsinogen activation occurring in acinar cells. (98) Thus, these genetic studies as well as studies of experimental pancreatitis in mice (14,98) bolster the concept that inappropriate trypsinogen activation followed by auto-digestion initiates and sustains inflammatory responses of the pancreas.
Srinivasan and colleagues (2015) found that, in mice, chronic alcohol exposure significantly inhibited TPP uptake, which was associated with decreased expression of MTPPT protein and activity of the gene for MTPPT in pancreatic acinar cells. The authors suggest that this effect of alcohol could have a negative effect on physiologic function of the mitochondria in the acinar cell and make them susceptible to pathologic responses with stress.
Normal stem cells give rise to progenitor cells that proliferate and differentiate into various types of mature cells, including [alpha]-cells, [beta]-cells, acinar cells, and ductal cells.
de Dios, "Kinetic study of TNF-[alpha]lpha production and its regulatory mechanisms in acinar cells during acute pancreatitis induced by bilepancreatic duct obstruction," The Journal of Pathology, vol.
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Compared with the SAP group, we found that pretreatment with aspirin markedly reduced the histological features of pancreatic injury in L-ASA and H-ASA group, characterized as lower degree of edema, less inflammatory cell infiltration, and alleviated acinar cell necrosis.
All of them accepted that the secretory acinar cells (SAC) have the major role in the pathogenesis of pancreatitis, which contains abnormal active zymogens [9].
Acinar cells produce and store proteases, amylase and lipase, while ductal cells manufacture bicarbonate-rich fluid.
Solid and cystic acinar cell tumor of the pancreas: a tumor in young women with favourable prognosis.
In another study, multivariable analysis revealed that age <65, well-differentiated tumor tissue, and negative resection margins were independent prognostic factors for acinar cell carcinoma [12].