acknowledge defeat

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You see, he was a persistent chap, and hated to acknowledge defeat.
instead after a costly battle in which they lost roughly a thousand of their fighters they were forced to openly acknowledge defeat.
ANDY WALKER and Mark McGhee belong to an era when Celtic simply refused to accept or acknowledge defeat.
Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri contacted today the President of the Ivory Coast Alassane Ouattara, and congratulated him on the end of the crisis that was caused by former President Laurent Gbagbo who failed to acknowledge defeat in the presidential elections, and on the return of normalcy in the Ivory Coast.
The United Nations certified results showing Gbagbo lost the November presidential election but Gbagbo, the incumbent, refused to acknowledge defeat.
Heavy gunfire was reported near Gbagbo's compound as forces loyal to rival Alassane Ouattara sought to capture the incumbent leader, who has refused to acknowledge defeat in last year's election.
Let them acknowledge defeat and let's strike out together in the new direction the great majority of Ecuadorans, as well as all Latin America, are setting: a society with more justice, much more equality and without so much .
In most local situations, if your time runs out, ie your flag falls, it is up to your opponent to claim the game, although most players would immediately acknowledge defeat in these circumstances.
It's widely believed he'll include some would-be licensing fees, because doing otherwise might acknowledge defeat.
Yelling made what looked a winning break until Yamauchi pulled her back but the latter had to acknowledge defeat as she failed to respond to another desperate sustained charge from her rival.
His vanity, stubbornness, and bad judgment--along with white Southerners' refusal to acknowledge defeat, and the full implications of emancipation--may have actually have helped the freed slaves achieve greater political rights for this brief period than they otherwise would have.
The alternative to such a campaign, in the eyes of the experts, would be for the US to acknowledge defeat in the war against terror by acquiescing in the status quo.