acknowledge defeat

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You see, he was a persistent chap, and hated to acknowledge defeat. It--it makes me uncomfortable to think of it myself.
Media folks reverted to their pre-martial law habits of sniping at anything and everything (one columnist poked fun at the people around Aquino of Spanish descent - as though that mattered in a melting-pot country like the Philippines); a defeated presidential candidate, a former journalist, has agitated for the establishment of a separate Muslim federation; deposed officials of the Marcos regime (most of them privy to and part of Marcos' web of corruption) refuse to acknowledge defeat; and the leftists, discredited for having boycotted the election, remain recalcitrant, threatening the lives of their compatriots.
Yet a look at their failures and defeats in the last 4 decades displays that they will eventually be forced to acknowledge defeat.
AT long last the struggle and sacrifices of Kashmiris for their legitimate rights have started bearing fruit as their plight resonates at relevant world forum and the Indian Army Chief has been forced to acknowledge defeat in the face of firm resolve of the Kashmiri people to get their birth right of self-determination at all costs.
This makes knowledge a kind of mourning--or better, a kind of melancholy, a refusal to acknowledge defeat's receipt, a locket full of loss.
Four years earlier, he had promised 'peace with honour' but, determined not to be the first US president to acknowledge defeat on the battlefield, had escalated the war, not least by bombing Cambodia, a decision that made way for the Khmer Rouge and its genocide.
The presidential still-hopeful's taunt at a party rally followed his earlier claim that the contest was "rigged" and a refusal to say he would acknowledge defeat by Hillary Clinton.
instead after a costly battle in which they lost roughly a thousand of their fighters they were forced to openly acknowledge defeat".
Should those who see government fingerprints all over the financial crisis just acknowledge defeat? Not yet.
"Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri contacted today the President of the Ivory Coast Alassane Ouattara, and congratulated him on the end of the crisis that was caused by former President Laurent Gbagbo who failed to acknowledge defeat in the presidential elections, and on the return of normalcy in the Ivory Coast.
The United Nations certified results showing Gbagbo lost the November presidential election but Gbagbo, the incumbent, refused to acknowledge defeat. The dispute pushed the world's largest cocoa producer to the brink of renewed civil war.
Heavy gunfire was reported near Gbagbo's compound as forces loyal to rival Alassane Ouattara sought to capture the incumbent leader, who has refused to acknowledge defeat in last year's election.