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As President Bush himself acknowledged on September 17, 2003, six months after our invasion of Iraq: "We've had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the September 11th [attacks]."
Hicks acknowledged the criticism of the proposed transition rules and indicated that the Treasury is open-minded about modifying the rules.
Archbishop Williams has voiced his approval of this recommendation, stating recently that, "for me, the prospect of an Anglican 'covenant' or a convergent system of canon law is the best hope that we have." But he acknowledged that "this would not be an easy thing to implement.
Rosa's admission was considered significant because it marked the first time a high-ranking Academy official has acknowledged the seriousness of the problem since AU filed its report.
Practitioners acknowledged significant challenges to involving families and male partners in program activities; several described the program settings as being fundamentally designed by and for women, a fact that unintentionally discourages male involvement in pregnancy prevention efforts.
The emotional needs of a valued ex-CEO are usually quite palpable and definitely need to be acknowledged, but your own needs for adequate running room and sufficient authority as a CEO are likewise very important.
In addition to The Durst Organization, which was acknowledged as the largest customer of renewable wind power in New York, event participants included MCEnergy Inc., ConEdison Solutions, Community Energy Inc.
All entries received will be acknowledged on our website at as soon as possible after the deadline.
In a voice mail to all of Goldman's 20,000 employees, he acknowledged that his remarks were insensitive" and "glib." In other words, he apologized.
Regardless of what he says or smokes, Danny just kills it on a skateboard and he wants that to be his only acknowledged attribute.
Lukes acknowledged and referenced the earlier reports of van der Meer and Brug and Vanek (6).
Divine and human comparison will be inevitable, and "sameness" and "otherness" will be acknowledged repeatedly, and the essential tension will be maintained.