acknowledgment of guilt

See: confession
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Is it not more effective to show that the author of crimes can be convicted and made to pay for his deeds even beyond death-particularly if there is no remorse and acknowledgment of guilt? Or forgiveness sought or pardon given?
He was sued for sexual harassment by a former Arkansas state employee, Paula Jones (he settled with no acknowledgment of guilt).
For Damberg, the Second Vatican Council, the West German Wurzburger Synode (1971-75), and especially the papacy of John Paul II propelled the Church to an acknowledgment of guilt and the desire for reconciliation with Jews, even when those steps were internally contested.
He said there had been no acknowledgment of guilt for these offences, so no remorse.
Hachette Livre has released a communique stating that it is "convinced that at no time has it infringed competition law and that the presentation of commitments does not constitute an acknowledgment of guilt".
However, it's still a sport that allows those tainted by doping to return to the saddle without any hint of contrition and acknowledgment of guilt (Ivan Basso) and allows such riders (Alexander Vinokourov) to win Olympic golds.
An FIR, that too filed by one of the parties in an accident, can hardly be constituted as an acknowledgment of guilt.
In a letter sent to friends the night before his incarceration, Snitz writes that "I and the others who were arrested with me are guilty of nothing except not doing more to oppose the state's truly criminal policies." Snitz also explains that paying the fine is an acknowledgment of guilt which he finds demeaning.
There's no transparency, no closure for victims, no honest acknowledgment of guilt.
I thought remorse and some acknowledgment of guilt were important factors when deciding to grant early release.
"I can understand how that would make you feel neglected!" This is, however, not the same as agreeing with them, nor is it an acknowledgment of guilt. It is merely validating their right to feel the way they do.
Through his public acknowledgment of guilt, Gigante's legendary charade has finally and conclusively been put to rest and exposed for the fraud that it is.