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France-based Dr Elisabeth Cardis, who is leading the project, hopes to interview 7,000 brain tumour sufferers, 1,000 acoustic nerve cancer sufferers and 800 people with cancer of the saliva gland.
Between 25 and 48% of schwannomas have been reported to occur in the head and neck region; the acoustic nerve is involved in most cases.
Miller - Frailty Syndrome; Dementia; Falls Richard Miyamoto - Neuro-Otology; Acoustic Nerve Tumors; Middle Ear Disorders Jean Molleston - Liver Disease; Nutrition David Moore - Cervical Cancer; Ovarian Cancer John Mulcahy - Erectile Dysfunction; Incontinence; Penile Prostheses Robert Pascuzzi - Neuromuscular Disorders; Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis; Myasthenia Gravis Douglas Rex - Endoscopy; Endoscopic Ultrasound Richard Rink - Pediatric Urology; Reconstructive Urologic Surgery; Genital Reconstruction Karen Roos - Infectious Diseases-CNS; Encephalitis George Sarosi - Infections-Respiratory: Fungal Lung Disease; Diagnostic Problems K.

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