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Bragging rights go to the company with the latest in a series of firsts--first to market, first with the current top in areal density, first with a new low in acoustic output, and even first with proprietary drive diagnostics can earn a competitive advantage, all other things being equal.
The signal generator with PVDF requires more power than that with ceramic materials to generate the same acoustic output (11, 12).
The system's electronics are integral to the listening experience and include a new amplifier that is substantially smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient than conventional amplifiers, with no sacrifice in acoustic output.
VIZIO chooses to measure the true acoustic output represented by Sound Pressure Level to more accurately describe and directly correlate to the powerful experience its audio collection delivers.
Also featured will be the handheld HS-Micro packs a peak acoustic output of 141 dB to penetrate high background noise and to reach an intended target at 500 m.
Wayne Moore, Acertara's President and CEO, added, "The world-wide regulatory requirements for ultrasound systems and probes related to acoustic output power, thermal dosing, and other complex acoustic performance parameters continues to grow in both scope and complexity.