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religiosa predicts nonresonant sound generation (Elsner & Popov 1978), and thus an acoustic output that is broadband (Montealegre-Z & Morris 1999, Montealegre-Z et al.
P, "An Automatic System for Characterizing Ultrasound Transducers and Measuring the Acoustic Output of Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment", Tesis de Maestria en Automatica, Escuela de Ingenieria Electrica y Electronica, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia, Abril 2001.
With 140 dB of acoustic output, the HyperShield easily penetrates high noise environments and helps create a safety perimeter stand-off of 50 metres with crystal clear commands, authoritative messages and piercing alert tones.
For example, the SynJet PAR20 LED cooler with the High Power setting will enable the highest lumen power PAR20 applications can have; the Standard setting will offer an optimal blend of high power and low acoustics; and the Silent setting will offer the lowest acoustic output possible while still providing twice the power of a passively cooled solution.
Over thirty years ago, Sundberg provided a lucid explanation of how the harmonic frequencies of the source (the larynx) combine with the resonance frequencies of the vocal tract to produce the acoustic output at the mouth.
Small and lightweight, they drive the new, highly efficient high motor force speakers to deliver the acoustic output of heavier conventional speakers.
1) What are the similarities/differences in vocal fold contact area (VFCA) and acoustic output within types of postures (constant vs.