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It will allow the process of the formation of acoustic radiation to be estimated effectively and precisely, and then it can be compared with the process of the destruction of composite material fibres.
An acoustic transduction system has been designed which couples the sound field of two transducers in phase and produces a resultant acoustic radiation pattern which has a full 360 degree horizontal by 90+ degree vertical frequency invariant beamwidth.
Coupling this module with Structural Analysis, for example, lets engineers trace acoustic radiation from analysis back to the structural point at the root of the vibration, such as the engine.
It can be used to simulate an excitation from a neighboring acoustic component to take into account installation effects on the acoustic radiation by coupling an Actran TM computation of the near free field with an Actran DGM computation of the installed far field.
Tissue quantification with acoustic radiation force impulse imaging: Measurement repeatability and normal values in the healthy liver.
It has the ability to create multiple acoustic radiation models with unique formulations specific to aerospace panels and fuselage sections.