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Keywords: Achilles tendon, Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse, Intermittent claudication, Doppler ultrasound.
Trahey, "Shear-wave generation using acoustic radiation force: in vivo and ex vivo results," Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, vol.
2009a, 2010) allow changes in the regularities of acoustic radiation characteristics under the influence of different factors (Filonenko et al.
Damping occurs both from acoustic radiation into the air and from squeeze-film damping as air is forced through the gap between the moving plate and stationary plate.
A novel acoustic lens has been devised which allows the acoustic radiation field of two or more transducers to be coupled in phase such Nat the resultant acoustic radiation pattern is interference-free at all frequencies, and displays wide and nearly frequency independent beam width.
Coupling this module with Structural Analysis, for example, lets engineers trace acoustic radiation from analysis back to the structural point at the root of the vibration, such as the engine.
Once a structural model was completed, it was loaded in to Sysnoise to calculate acoustic radiation circulation.
It can be used to simulate an excitation from a neighboring acoustic component to take into account installation effects on the acoustic radiation by coupling an Actran TM computation of the near free field with an Actran DGM computation of the installed far field.
Medical physicists, engineers, and cancer specialists from North America and Hong Kong cover instrumentation, including transducers, beamformers, 3-D imaging systems, and blood velocity estimation systems; diagnostic applications, such as elastography, quantitative techniques for therapy monitoring and diagnostic imaging, acoustic radiation force-based elasticity imaging, and ultrasound tomography; and the use of ultrasound in image-guided interventions for prostate biopsy and brain imaging.