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In society there were silly conversations lasting half a minute, cool acquaintanceships founded on such half-minutes, general reciprocity of suspicion, overcrowding, insufficient ventilation, bad music badly executed, late hours, unwholesome food, intoxicating liquors, jealous competition in useless expenditure, husband-hunting, flirting, dancing, theatres, and concerts.
Somewhere along in this acquaintanceship the idea must have popped into his brain.
In their long acquaintanceship and intimacy they could not recall a harsh word that had been uttered by Amelia She had been all sweetness and kindness, always thankful, always gentle, even when Mrs.
I did not know the boy by sight, nor did Raffles introduce us; but their conversation proclaimed at once a slightness of acquaintanceship and a license on the lad's part which combined to puzzle me.
Add to all this your nervous nature, your epilepsy, and your sudden arrival in a strange town--the day of meetings and of exciting scenes, the day of unexpected acquaintanceships, the day of sudden actions, the day of meeting with the three lovely Epanchin girls, and among them Aglaya--add your fatigue, your excitement; add Nastasia' s evening party, and the tone of that party, and--what were you to expect of yourself at such a moment as that?
someone whose acquaintanceship dates back to the early days of America's involvement in Afghanistan.
Moore meanders in and out of accounts of the lives of his contemporaries --his childhood acquaintanceship in Mayo with Oscar Wilde; his comradeship with Edward Martyn; his reminiscences of W.
Had Emerson known Mannie Stein he would have been doubly pleased, at the acquaintanceship with so rare an individual and that this aphorism could be so splendidly affirmed.
The Use of Focus Groups for Idea Generation: The Effects of Group Size, Acquaintanceship, and Moderator on Response Quantity and Quality.
Anyone who has even a passing acquaintanceship with both the nonprofit world and printing costs isn't surprised to see an almost identical legend on the face of an envelope from a national parks advocacy group .
The Tax Court held, however, that no goodwill passed to the taxpayers since any goodwill of the business "was due to the personal ability, business acquaintanceship, and other individualistic qualities of [the husband]," and found that the corporation did not have any value beyond its tangible assets, since the husband's personal ability was not a corporate asset and there was not a contract or other agreement between the husband and the corporation for his future services.
They struck up an acquaintanceship and when Norris directed Small Change in 2007, Gill came to see a performance.