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When she stopped, the 28-year-old man told the lawyer that he wanted to be acquainted with her and then sleep with her.
He also got acquainted with the conduct of rehabilitation works on the water treatment facilities of the city.
It said that, during the meeting, they got acquainted with the plans to fight terrorism in Iraq and providing aid available at the British forces to the Iraqi security forces for the advancement of these forces in order to enable them to fight terrorism in Iraq and defeat them.
The team got acquainted with the roles and duties discharged by the various institutions.
Damascus, (SANA) _ More than 30 talented children of different ages participated in an artistic workshop titled ' Get Acquainted with Life' which was held at Damascus-based Mustafa Ali Gallery.
Clarine Nardi Riddle told the press, following a visit by the delegation to the regional investment centre, that the visit enabled them to get acquainted with the projects and accomplishments in the region in various fields as well as with investment prospects in promising sectors.
The pace was steady, which meant the first four home finished in a heap, but William Buick was always in the perfect position to capitalise on Gertrude Bell as he shadowed the front-running Acquainted from the start.
During his visit, the premier got acquainted with the progress in the infrastructure development witnessed recently by the city and the works of restoration for a number of historical palaces in the city.
Turning away from a stressful human scene to getting acquainted with infinite, all-present, unconditional Love means letting ourselves be enfolded in this Love which truly comforts, satisfies and answers our needs - and enfolds everyone else, too.
A free concert at Mechanics Hall at noon Monday offers a chance to get acquainted and/or re-acquainted with some great American music.
1 : to cause to know personally <They became acquainted at school.
The concert was a unique collegial endeavor, which acquainted the audience with the talented professionals teaching and performing in the area.