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In Khovaling, where the head of state arrived from Baljuvan, he will also get acquainted with the socio-economic situation of the region and commission several cultural, educational, and economic facilities.
Guests got acquainted with the activities of the institution, conditions created for children.
During the visit, Uzbekistan delegation got acquainted with the experience of activities of the technology park, economic zones, housing projects and industrial engineering in Jiading district.
It was my pleasure to get acquainted with local officials and to find out more about the cooperation that is being realized with the AF BiH, and how it works.
A lawyer took off her slipper and beat a visitor, who had stopped her at a mall and wanted to be acquainted with her and have sex with her, a court heard on Sunday.
He also got acquainted with the conduct of rehabilitation works on the water treatment facilities of the city.
This interaction is part of efforts being made by the association to get acquainted with the needs of foreign correspondents in the Sultanate, support their role in covering Omani events for their mass media outlet, and discuss the obstacles that hinder the performance of their role as correspondents.
The Bulgarian official was acquainted with Qatar's national development plan for 2032.
Summary: DUBAI --The ambassadors of excellence returned home after an almost three-week tour to the US during which they got themselves acquainted with the American local and federal rules and best practices.
Damascus, (SANA) _ More than 30 talented children of different ages participated in an artistic workshop titled ' Get Acquainted with Life' which was held at Damascus-based Mustafa Ali Gallery.
Clarine Nardi Riddle told the press, following a visit by the delegation to the regional investment centre, that the visit enabled them to get acquainted with the projects and accomplishments in the region in various fields as well as with investment prospects in promising sectors.