acquiesce in

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Our relationship with Turkey is important, but that relationship must not compel us to acquiesce in the unwillingness of Turkey to confront the actions of its Ottoman forebears,'' lawmakers wrote.
He asked, "Why should Massachusetts acquiesce in an insidious 'Southern strategy' where civil rights are now to he bartered away on the grounds of sex rather than race?
It is uncertain whether the IRS will acquiesce in this decision.
Under the circumstances, can the corporate employees involved in the transaction, whether as decision-makers or facilitators who acquiesce in the transaction or its reporting, shield themselves from liability for a proposed penalty?
Neither did it authorize, permit or acquiesce in any conduct that is contrary to the BC Securities Act.
The about-face by Verizon, the nation's largest mobile-phone company, probably means that other mobile phone operators will have little choice but to acquiesce in the arrangement.
Specifically, defenses include establishing that(1) the corporation did not know of or acquiesce in such acts; (2) the corporation did not benefit from the illegal acts land most likely was injured by such acts); or (3) the acts were not committed in the responsible person's capacity as an employee, officer or director.
Constitution, acquiesce in PGMedia's demand to unlimited and shared Top Level Domain Names.
We acquiesce in tyrannies that would have had our forefathers reaching for their muskets.
The proposals are part of a larger NATO offer intended to persuade the Russians to acquiesce in NATO's expansion and negotiate a NATO-Russian charter to govern their relations.
She has described her talks in Europe as an effort to add beef to the proposed NATO-Russia charter, which the United States hopes will persuade Russia to acquiesce in a NATO expansion that it cannot in any case stop.