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After a short deliberation the judge announced Acquiesced the winner by a nose, a result greeted with a certain amount of relief by Hannon's assistant, Richard Hannon jnr.
Unless there is a potential superstar lurking among the newcomers, Acquiesced can add to Hannon's impressive tally.
91-31 in order to (i) facilitate an orderly transition of all utility company taxpayers to the same tax treatment and (ii) afford equitable relief to taxpayers that had acquiesced to the IRS position ultimately rejected in Indianapolis Power.
After Calvet has acquiesced in the heirs' censorship and accomplished his own, how much truly new material remains to tell a story, or draw a portrait, that we don't already know from Barthes' representation of himself?
In its place, in addition to federal tyranny, we have now acquiesced in a grass-roots tyranny of state governments and their creatures, some 82,000 (
Callwood acquiesced and finally received a thank-you note.
RICHARD Hannon has few peers in training juveniles and it will be a major shock if Acquiesced does not get off the mark in the EBF Theatre Royal Windsor "See How They Run" Maiden Fillies Stakes at Windsor today.
In 2005, Archbishop Flynn grudgingly acquiesced to Vatican statements not to administer Communion to homosexual activists.
Gallienne to become part of the choir but had later acquiesced.
By the time the IRS acquiesced in the case (1999-2 CB xvi), "cost segregation" had started to become more prevalent.