acquiesced in

See: consensual
References in classic literature ?
She could not bear to see him suffering, to know him fancying himself neglected; and though her understanding almost acquiesced in the assurance of both the Mr.
The executioner also readily acquiesced in the proposal, making only one condition, -- that of being paid in advance.
And, of course, the Lib Dems have also acquiesced in savage cuts to local council services, with the North East bearing an unfair share of the cuts compared to other better-off parts of the country.
The IRS has acquiesced in Farmland Industries, Inc.
The IRS later acquiesced in Eisenberg (see IRB 1999-4, 4); it agreed that the FMV can be reduced, for estate or gift tax purposes, by the potential capital gains tax liability.
While the IRS acquiesced in Eisenberg, the Tax Court has not yet decided whether a discount for built-in gains will be a separate discount or part of the lack-of-marketability discount.
The IRS has acquiesced in the Second Circuit's decision (AOD 1999-001).