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May I hope for your acquiescence, and for your not influencing your son against such a tenant?"
He seemed to greet the lapse of minute after minute with stern acquiescence in the inevitable order.
Woodhouse was to be talked into an acquiescence of his daughter's going out to dinner on a day now near at hand, and spending the whole evening away from him.
He rode on in silence, except, that now and then he would give way to a burst of indignation, and exclaim, with a shake of the head and a toss of the hand toward the opposite shore--"bad men, very bad men across the river"; to each of which brief exclamations, his worthy cousin, Hay-she-in-cow-cow, would respond by a guttural sound of acquiescence, equivalent to an amen.
Both the old men smiled acquiescence. Adam went on: "I meant you to see it--both of you.