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Empowering Leader Behavior, Task Performance, and Acquiescent Voice
Nawaz wants a situation where the court, prosecution or the political environment is acquiescent to their needs and wants.
SYNONYMS: obedient, acquiescent, compliant, tractable, amenable, complaisant, cooperative, dutiful, submissive.
The deal is done with an acquiescent press singing 'elections are done, let's forget and move on.'
When they were on top, in the home leg, they found Barca, almost equally unused to defending, acquiescent and won 4-0.
S'i acquiescent AaAaAeA propos de la nAaAaAeA@cessitAaAaAeA@ d'initier un processus de tran AaAaAeA@nergAaAaAeA@tique, comme en confAaAaAeA?re sa stratAaAaAeA@gie AaAaAeA l'horizon 2030, la prAaAa n'est pas de mise, dixit le ministre de l'Energie, Mustapha Guitouni, et les formes qu'elle doit revAaAaAeA tir doivent rAaAaAeA@pondre AaAaAeA@galement aux intAa bien compris de l'AlgAaAaAeA@rie et non aux prAaAaAeA@occupations occidentales.
The thoughtfully acquiescent reader rejects the dogmatic and self-defeating character of the fideist resister's strategy, and resolves instead to give bin Laden a fair hearing.
Nearly deaf since childhood and married to a respectable but acquiescent diplomat, Liliane delighted in Banier's theatrical manner and his artistic aspirations, lavishing upon him artworks by Picasso and Matisse, insurance policies and cash gifts; she even reportedly considered adopting him.
"Cavalier or casually acquiescent decisions to spend taxpayer dollars in an ineffective and wasteful manner are not to recur," he added.
Venezuela has become the Zimbabwe of the Americas, a shameless alliance of corrupt politicians and the military acquiescent to the dictates of Cuba.
"If the school board is silent on it, they are acquiescent to it."
All solutions in Jaymed are designed to evade claim denials and are acquiescent to HIPAA standards and other major guiding principles.