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This has to be a key problem; meanwhile, there are at least pockets of severe poverty here in Britain about which our government has been far too acquiescent.
The capitalist tendencies of corporate culture could easily exploit such traits to harness an acquiescent labour force committed and loyal to the values of their employers' corporate logics.
This is driven not only by economic cost-cutting circumstances but also by the desire for a more compliant and acquiescent set of employees.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahceli has accused the government of being acquiescent to the demands of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) during its talks with Kurdish politicians, adding that Turkey is drifting towards disintegration.
If Abbas' own political subsistence largely depends on Israel's acquiescent and US backing, one can rarely imagine a scenario in which Netanyahu and his war generals are arraigned as war criminals before the ICC.
He added: "The risk is if we don't tackle the assumptions that have inflicted such deep injuries on our moral imaginations we will end up going back to 'business as usual' - as many advocating acquiescent fortitude on 'the road to recovery' would like us to do.
Mike Freer MP noted that it is "rather unusual" that the European Union seems exercised about Ukraine being occupied and divided by a military power while being oddly silent and acquiescent to the continuing occupation and division of Cyprus.
They seem unlikely to be so compliant and acquiescent to a law that could cause them to relinquish ownership of their real estate, the only asset universally considered safe and of sound value.
What they will then get of course is not a group of acquiescent Palestinians but the advocates of an Islamic caliphate, a group that does not yet have a real presence in Palestine.
Thinking may be the sign of a healthy group, but it is not the sign of a complacent, tractable or acquiescent group.
Pinder & Harlos (2001) the earliest form of silence named acquiescent silence which refrain from presenting ideas, information or comments on the submission and consent refers to any situation.
This has happened because certain self serving sections of the government have either become complacent or acquiescent with the channel.