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TO ACQUIRE, descents, contracts. To make property one's own.
    2. Title to property is acquired in two ways, by descent, (q.v.) and by purchase (q.v.). Acquisition by purchase, is either by, 1. Escheat. 2. Occupancy. 3. Prescription. 4. Forfeiture. 5. Alienation, which is either by deed or by matter of record. Things which cannot be sold, cannot be acquired.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As historical and ethnographic documents attest, white integration into Indian tribes was not hard to achieve since "Indians did not typically reject persons because of the color of their skin but focused rather on the learnable and acquirable ethnic qualities such as 'language, culturally appropriate behaviour, social affiliation, and loyalty'" (Dyar 2003: 823).
Using readily acquirable business listings, create an attractive page where site visitors can search for businesses, map their locations and submit reviews of the companies.
By a free market, I mean a system in which private property is freely alienable and freely acquirable, and there is no central allocation of resources.
Incremental theorists, who believe that ability is an acquirable skill, are more likely to adopt a goal to understand the situation and master the task.
All of the schemes are excellently supported with clearly designed worksheets (downloadable from the BFI's website, using a password which comes with each book) and with easily acquirable video clips, many of which can be found on the BFI's Screenonline or similar free websites which are signposted in the text.
It will submit itself to the knowledge acquirable by the heart.
Easily acquirable water for plants is basically absent in the top layers of quarry spoil, or appears in small quantities only in spring and autumn [22].
Value of boundary lubrication frictional coefficient, due to this kind of friction mechanical complexity, is acquirable in experiment only and in especial contact working conditions.
This increased proportion of acquisitions can be explained by a number of factors, which vary between mature economies and emerging markets (e.g., an improved investment environment coupled with privatization of state enterprises in a number of emerging market economies and the availability of acquirable private sector companies in these countries).
Its modest price makes it acquirable both for the reference library and for personal use.