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TO ACQUIRE, descents, contracts. To make property one's own.
    2. Title to property is acquired in two ways, by descent, (q.v.) and by purchase (q.v.). Acquisition by purchase, is either by, 1. Escheat. 2. Occupancy. 3. Prescription. 4. Forfeiture. 5. Alienation, which is either by deed or by matter of record. Things which cannot be sold, cannot be acquired.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Here, Enforcement Counsel sought a cease-and-desist order against all Respondents based on their collaborative actions to acquire shares in First Western.
Costs incurred for product ratings or certifications (such as ISO 9000 costs or costs to acquire an Underwriters Laboratory certification) remain deductible.
A financial holding company may not acquire or control merchant banking investments under this subpart unless the financial holding company qualifies under at least one of the following paragraphs:
subsidiary agreed to acquire Nelson Metal Products Corp., a supplier of medium and large aluminum die castings for the automotive industry.
Parker Hannifin, Cleveland, OH, and Wynn's International entered into an agreement for Parker to acquire Wynn's International in a cash tender offer with an enterprise value of approximately $497 million.
The Director expressed concern that TBC's proposal to convert Emerald to a savings association and acquire it pursuant to section 4 of the BHC Act was designed to evade Florida's interstate banking statute, which requires a Florida bank to be in existence and continuously operating for more than three years before it can be acquired by an out-of-state holding company.(6)
Acquiring six foundries since 1980, Citation has four general rules for the foundries it acquires.
UBM will acquire the assets for 282.5 million [pounds sterling] in cash and the deal is subject to regulatory approval.
Once a firm acquires a problematic plan, it stands to suffer all of these consequences, many of which are magnified if the plan is merged into another plan.
Section 355(e) is especially troubling for public companies effecting a spin-off distribution since neither the distributing nor the controlled companies can predict or control the unilateral, acquisitive actions of another company that may seek to acquire the distributing or distributed companies or predict or control public trading by shareholders.
[sections] 1842) to acquire control and up to 100 percent of the voting shares of Glen Burnie Bancorp ("Glen Burnie"), and thereby acquire control of The Bank of Glen Burnie ("Bank"), both of Glen Burnie, Maryland.(1)
The program is designed to acquire undervalued retail opportunities on standalone sites or as part of commercial projects, and represents one of several initiatives to add incremental value to the Company's core Manhattan office property investment portfolio.