acquire by purchase

See: buy
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The following persons cannot acquire by purchase, even at a public of judicial auction, either in person or through the mediation of another:
In contrast, for purposes of classifying the acquisition by E, CD is deemed to make a liquidating distribution of its assets to C and D, and E is deemed to acquire by purchase the assets of CD from C and D.
Among the functions of the NSFSRC are: undertake the duty and tariff-free importation of rice for the government to maintain the appropriate volume of the Strategic Rice Reserve and Government Rice Buffer Stock by July 1 of each year; own, lease, acquire by purchase or otherwise, hold, sell, or dispose of stocks or bonds or any interest in either way or any obligation or evidence of indebtedness of any person, partnership, or corporation; issue debt instruments that are agri-agra eligible and guaranteed by the national government up to a maximum amount of P5 billion, beyond which the approval of the President of the Philippines shall be required; and establish its internal organization and fix the remuneration, emoluments, allowances and other benefits of its officers and employees.