acquire information

See: ascertain
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The team also emphasized how important it is for farmers to acquire information on when and where to plant their crops.
The bill (SB 360) would amend the state's Health and Safety Code and Penal Code to remove exceptions for clergy who acquire information through "penitential communications," thus requiring them to report all incidents or suspicions of abuse to law enforcement, regardless of how they came by the information.
Now more tha ever there is need for public library where all and sundry can visit to read books the good old way, acquire information digitally and generally ponder and reflect on God's universe and its mysteries.
Those who want to seek advice, acquire information, want to avail of training as well as other aspects of business are entertained in our centers, Ramel added.
Education team will acquire information about under age drivers, one wheeling and those found riding motorcycles without helmets.
'Consulate representatives are already at the location to see the situation and acquire information,' he said when contacted.
'We are currently waiting to acquire information from the service provider about the cellphone used to contact the alleged individual and to be able to locate him,' she said.
They state that for objective or subjective reasons they will not be able to acquire information about all the children who were killed in Sarajevo in that period.
the local government to inform the public that before donating to any organization they need to acquire information about that organization
It is done, for example, when a caller imitates a bank officer or police investigator or prosecutor in attempting to acquire information about the call recipient's bank account information to trick the latter into giving them money.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 28, 2016-OpenText to Acquire Information Exchange Services Firm ANXeBusiness for USD 100m
The web-portal would enable the masses to acquire information about any government department through an online request on